Electrical safety for signalling systems and rolling stock

Railway operators are faced with extremely demanding logistical tasks on a daily basis. These tasks include the monitoring of their high-speed lines, track structure or various power supply systems, and also the difficult job of of transporting hazardous goods. But, despite all the time pressures, one thing has absolute priority: passenger safety.

Guaranteed electrical safety is a key element in ensuring that operations run smoothly. This applies equally to signal boxes and signalling systems, workshops, tunnel and bridge structures and the rolling stock, i.e. the locomotives and carriages.

Bender system solutions monitor railway electrical systems and equipment, thereby ensuring that the necessary information is available in advance before critical operating conditions can arise.

Typical applications

Non-earthed power supplies
Insulation monitoring, e.g.:
 • Control voltage networks of pole-mounted switches
 • Signal boxes and railway signalling systems
 • Control voltage networks for railway crossings
 • Electrical safety in tunnels in the event of disasters
 • Power supply for continuous automatic train-running control

Offline monitoring :
 • Points heaters
 • Monitoring of on-board systems on locomotives

Earthed power supplies
 • Residual-current/earth leakage current monitoring
 • Monitoring of central earthing points
 • Monitoring in accordance with safety regulation DGUV Vorschrift 3 (BGV A3)

 • Stations
 • Workshops and administrative buildings
 • IT centres
 • Signal boxes

Download: Electrical safety in railway technology