Ships, Harbours, Offshore

Preventive monitoring of marine propulsion systems and on-board systems

For both offshore and onshore applications, Bender offers you extensive know-how on and solutions for every aspect of reliable power supplies for all maritime applications on the open sea and in inshore waters - from ships and submarines in the civilian and military sectors, to offshore facilities, and on to crane and container systems.

Whether the sea is flat calm or running a high swell, the products' outstanding reliability results from Bender's major experience in the use of this equipment, even under extreme ambient conditions. For example, Bender products meet the requirements of the German navy and its counterparts in NATO and many other countries around the world.

Offline monitoring

Insulation monitoring of consumers when switched off plays a decisive role in preventing possible damage. In many cases crane systems, fire-extinguishing pumps, damper register drives and many others in addition are switched on only occasionally or in an emergency - but it is precisely then that they need to function without problems. Bender offline Isometers provide constant monitoring of equipment when switched off, signal insulation faults at an early stage and protect perfectly against critical situations.

Typical applications:
 • Crane systems
 • Fire-extinguishing pumps
 • Damper register drives
 • Winches

Insulation monitoring/insulation fault location

IT systems with ISOMETER® insulation monitoring have an inestimable advantage – an initial insulation fault does not result in a shutdown but simply in a report being made. This means the most important thing - electrical safety for people and operational safety of the system - is guaranteed, but the plant operator then has to take action.

Bender solutions are the ideal tool - for perfect condition monitoring including central operation, display and trend analysis via Ethernet and a PC.

The early report signalled by the ISOMETER® enables the appropriate time for the maintenance measure to be determined by the operator, e.g. during a planned production shutdown or at a time when adequate staff are guaranteed to be available. To put it another way: staff resources and costs are optimised, and cost-intensive “all-hands-to-the-pump”actions are avoided.

Typical applications:
 • Power supplies to propulsion drives , e.g. 3AC400 V
 • Power circuits, e.g. AC 440 V
 • Secondary distribution networks, e.g. AC 115 V (60 and 400 Hz), DC 24 V
 • Multiple IT systems that are being linked
 • Power and control voltage circuits in crane systems

Insulation fault location in non-earthed power supplies

Highly branched systems have one thing in common – when insulation faults occur, there is often no “overview” or staff available, and the location process is both labour- and cost-intensive. Solution: Bender insulation fault location systems which identify the fault location precisely and automatically – and without having to shut the system down.

Typical applications of EDS systems:
 • Power circuits
 • Secondary distribution networks

Residual current monitoring

It is also true for earthed systems that the earlier a possible hazard is detected, the better. Bender residual current monitoring equipment and systems offer you a range of solutions: from single-channel RCMs to multi-channel AC-, pulse- and AC/DC-sensitive RCMS systems including central control, display and trend analysis via Ethernet and a PC.

Typical applications on ships - Earthed electric circuits for:
 • Entertainment areas
 • Passenger cabins
 • Lifts
 • Medium-voltage systems
 • and many other fields

Download: Electrical safety for ships, mobile and fixed offshore platforms