Data Centres

High availability for power supplies in computer centres

OManagers of computing centres are constantly faced with the challenge of guaranteeing a high availability of power supplies. Even the briefest of interruptions of the order of milliseconds can have serious consequences. A crucial aspect of this is not just providing a back-up in the form of appropriate UPS systems, but also ensuring the proper design of the network structure and the exclusive use of TN-S systems.

Furthermore, it is important to keep the new installation in proper working order in the long term, as even an accidental bridge between the N and PE conductors can lead to inexplicable malfunctions. The impact on the grid of harmonic waves from modern consumers can cause problems of a similar level. Overloaded N conductors and the associated fire hazards or EMC-related malfunctions are not unknown. There is also a need to implement preventive monitoring systems to avoid tripping protective equipment as a result of excessive fault currents.